Our Services

Full Time Medical Supervision:


  • Daily supervision and health monitoring by an on-site registered nurse


  • Continued communication with personal physician and care givers


  • Customized medical care programs


  • Medication monitoring and/or administration when appropriate.


Rehabilitation Services:



  • Physical therapy


  • Occupational therapy


  • Massage therapy


Nutrition and Diet:



  • Catered hot and nutritious meals


  • Delicious snacks served throughout the day


  • Personalized food plans for special diets.


Arts, Crafts and Baking

Gardening and Outdoor Environment:  The center has an inviting courtyard and is located on an acre of land, with lush shade trees and other greenery that provide both privacy and the opportunity for gardening and other outside activities.

Therapeutic and Recreational Activities:



  • Low impact fitness and exercise classes


  • BINGO, checkers, cards and other games


  • Daily discussion of current events


  • Occasional pet therapy


  • Community outings and seasonal projects


  • Television access and weekly movies





  • State-of-the-art handicap accessible transportation


  • Daily private transportation to and from home


  • Transport to personal medical appointments


  • Regular shopping trips for groceries and other personal needs


Mobile Medicine (Monthly)
  • Dentistry


  • Ophthalmology


Personal Care:  Barber or hairstylist is available on a monthly basis

Social Services:



  • Information and referral
  • Support groups for caregivers and seniors
Golden Age Adult Day Care Center 
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